All of our signs are handwritten and designed specific to meet your requirements, and come in three main options to better suit your theme!

Chalkboard Stylised Signs

Choose from adding that air of modernity and chic with our glossy chalkboard style whiteboard signs, or go with our classic chalkboard options to chase the fun of having that throwback vibe for your next event!

Our glossy black whiteboards are available with a rose gold trim to add elegance, and give you the option to choose what you want to say! If you find yourself overwhelmed from the many hours browsing for “that perfect wording” then we are more than happy to provide you with our recommended templates which you can still tweak to meet your specific needs.

Our classic chalkboards come in a few different sizes so we are sure to be able to find one that best suits your requirements. You can choose how much or how little you would like to customise these ones. If you have happened across that perfect quote and couldn’t bear to not include it on your occasion sign then we can make that happen! If you have no idea where to start then we can make recommendations and supply you with templates that you just simply have to fill your information into.

Of course you could also just go with our template names and dates and cause some fun confusion and memorable conversation for your guests…

Customised Mirror Signs

They say that mirrors hold the ability to give you a new perspective on things. That and they give you the ability to check out how great you look!

Our mirror signs can offer both these and more, adding elegance to events by managing to be both stand out and subtle at the same time. Perfect for any occasion with a variety of style add-on options and the added bonus that you can tell us exactly what you want them to read.

Even if you still haven’t happened across the idea inducing inspiration for the wording, then we can provide recommendations with our ready to go templates, which you just need to plug your information into. On the flip-side, if your mind is becoming overrun with ideas and you aren’t sure how you can make them work, we would be happy to offer suggestions by combining the parts you like the best together and making it tailored to you.

Wooden Design Signs

Chic and rustic wooden signs to add warmth or that touch of something special to your occasion. Available in different style options with the benefit of adding your own custom text.

Customisation Menu

The Sign Type: Choose from our different sign style offerings, or mix and match, to suit your theme and personal preferences.

The Wording: You can choose from 3 different tiers of wording options. At the basic level you have the bones of the sign. Think “Welcome to (your event name)” and the date of your event. Next up you’ve got some customisation freedom with the option to move around the elements of the sign, get fancy with some angled text in there and add a short quote. At the top level you have complete freedom over what you want your sign to read, all the angled text and different fonts you want and as many quotes, adages or sayings that you need on your perfect sign.

The add-ons: We have many different options to further personalise your hire signs, including lighting options that we can set up around or draped over the signs, and general decorative elements like faux flowers or coloured satin sashes to match the rest of your decor.

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